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22-Nov-2017 13:27

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’The second reason is that the ‘Noes’ have run an informative and creative social media and general internet campaign (many specialist bodies believe that Armenia has the most free internet of all the CIS states).

It has also made active use of mobile campaign groups and cheaply produced promotional videos.

Despite all this, the GIA poll reported that only 42 per cent of Armenians were planning to vote in the referendum.

47 per cent out of a poll of 1105 respondents said they would not vote, and 11 per cent were ‘don’t knows’.

He has six senior officials as his deputies, including the head of the presidential administration Vigen Sarkisyan, the minister for Territorial Administration and Emergencies Armen Yeritsyan, the head of the presidential Control Service Hovik Hovsepyan and other august figures wielding considerable power.

The ‘Yes’ campaigns in the regions are run by local governors, and a pre-referendum chat show on Armenia’s Public Service TV channel is hosted by Minister of Education and Science Armen Ashotyan, although the Electoral Code specifically forbids their involvement in an electoral campaign.

But on the eve of the referendum, Parliament voted through an amendment to allow voting on an ID card, without any system of checks on whether its holder had voted at more than one polling station.

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To take one example: heading the ‘Yes’ campaign is none other than Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan.

Furthermore, 29 per cent said they would vote for constitutional reform, 26 per cent that they would vote against and the remaining 45 per cent of respondents ‘didn’t know’.

The other poll was carried out across the country between 11 and 20 November by the Advanced Public Research Group (APR Group).

The referendum, unlike all previous voting processes, has been marked by an almost complete absence of public opinion polls.

The fact is that very few polls in Armenia can be trusted.By contrast, only 47 per cent of respondents to the 2014 poll knew about the forthcoming constitutional changes, but overall both polls showed that there were three times as many opponents of constitutional change as supporters, and that over the past year support for the change rose by a mere one per cent.

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