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“We developed a product to reduce the risk of medical line entanglement in response to the 2001 death of a 10-month-old infant in an Edmonton hospital,” Estlin explains.

“We have redesigned the product in conjunction with front line pediatric nurses to better accommodate today’s needs.” “I contacted Bryce after a web search for 3D printing,” he continues. Not only did I get 3D, but I also got a highly creative guy on the design side.” The team-up was a successful one.

That information can be used for 3D printing and prototyping; 3D analysis (engineering and stress analysis, applying gravity and weight loads, and analyzing reactions); manufacturing purposes with machine shops, fabricators, sheet metal, etc.; and it can be used for marketing, applying finishes, colours, materials, reflections, backgrounds, and scenes (perfect parts)—all of this from a ‘simple’ 3D file that you spent some hours creating.” Borgel observes, “In our current economy, 3D tech is helping companies diversify and pivot a lot easier, whether you find your niche in 3D scanning, printing, or design.

This helps shape an ever-growing culture of people pushing the limits of the tech beyond its capabilities.” “High school students are now doing what we could have only dreamed of 20 years ago,” he laughs.

Either way, 3D tech is a fantastic tool to meet these goals.“This will change how we all do business in the next 20 years.” Rose explains, “3D technology, both virtual reality and 3D printing, will become society changing technologies as they mature.Whereas 2D technologies, like computer displays and the printing press, changed how we interacted with information, 3D technology changes how we will see and interact with the world.After work, I can sit down with a friend and defuse a virtual bomb for fun.

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I can train my staff on a dangerous task by having them practice first in a virtual world before real lives and assets are at risk. Right now, the Oculus and other VR stores are in their infancy, like the App Store was in 20.

It’s no secret that energy is Alberta’s economy-driving industry, but as the dust settles on the latest recession and the energy industry begins to build itself back up, another industry is showing its economy-building potential in Edmonton: 3D technology.