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They don’t deserve your glances; they deserve to be left alone. I do it because I’m dedicated, because I value safety, because these people deserve a guardian. Next thing we know, you’re back with numbers, and you’re causing chaos in my neighborhood. You’re walking through our neighborhood — our collective backyard, our collective property — and looking at me like I’m the suspicious one. In household clusters of cases, the time between cases has generally ranged from two to five days but has been reported to take as long as 17 days.

I’m sitting in my car because I keep this neighborhood safe. Initial symptoms of H5N1 infection are more likely to include diarrhea, which can appear up to a week before any respiratory symptoms.

It’s perfectly reasonable for me to assume you were calling your gangter pals and telling them the addresses and descriptions of the homes you thought best-suited for a late-night smash-and-grab. Since when do black kids with hoods walk through my neighborhood without some kind of nefarious motive? This is why I’m sitting in my car night after night. Primary viral pneumonia and multi-organ failure are common.

Instead, lives and property have been lost because good men did nothing.” That’s not gonna be my story. Unlike normal seasonal influenza, where infection causes only mild respiratory symptoms in most healthy people, the disease caused by avian H5N1 follows an unusually aggressive clinical course, with rapid deterioration and high fatality.

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The mixing of viruses in laboratory terms is called ‘reassortment’.

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