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What it'll make you afraid of: The inextricable link between sex and death.You might think you and your wife are finally moving past the death of your daughter, but you'll later flash back to that passionate fuck-fest when you're bleeding out.The school also reported her alleged behavior to an ethics division of the Arkansas Department of Education. The statement said revealing photos of Goline were also found on a student's phone."Throughout the process of dealing with Ms.Goline, the district has been focused first on the safety of our students," Wright said.Directed by: George Barry Written by: George Barry What it's about: A sentient bed eats people because, once upon a time, a demon had sex with a human woman on it and cried tears of blood onto the bed when he inadvertently killed her. Seriously, you have enough to worry about just in terms of your partner, and now you have a brand-new fear that the bed you're copulating on is going to literally eat you alive. What it'll make you afraid of: Anyone admiring your hair.If a guy at a bar uses your luscious locks as a conversation starter, he could be planning to literally nail your scalp to his favorite mannequin.What it'll make you afraid of: Getting seduced by anyone who seems overly into you, because, hey, that could just be the parasite talking.Then of course, once you've had sex with an infected person, you've got the creature inside you too. Rosenberg and Joe Spinell What it's about: Frank Zito (Joe Spinell) is a serial killer who wields a straight razor — he murders prostitutes and scalps them so that he can use their bloody scalps to adorn the mannequins he collects.

What it'll make you afraid of: Finding out the person you're sleeping with is actually a panther. Sure, they're gorgeous animals, but those claws and teeth make foreplay out of the question.You should already be afraid of strangers, clearly.Directed by: Steve Miner Written by: Ron Kurz and Phil Scuderi What it's about: Jason Voorhees stalks and disembowels the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake that he considers responsible for his drowning — and the death of his murderous mother Pamela (Betsy Palmer).Or having your partner turn into a werewolf during sex.

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I mean, if it happens to both of you at the same time, you might be kind of into it, but lycanthropy is more than just kinky sex.What it'll make you afraid of: Being betrayed by your partner into carrying the demonic spawn of Satan.