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06-Oct-2017 14:12

This app sets itself apart from all other dating apps on the market by pairing people together based on an analysis of their entire internet history.

As the night goes on, the programmers (who we learn are also long-time friends) discover a bug in the app’s code which, upon loading, causes the user’s full internet history to be displayed in rapid succession, on the screen of their device.

The lone male of the group, Shawn (Sam Schweikert), seems to serve as little more than the hopeful love interest to Beth (Megan Hui) - which, I must say, is a refreshing reversal of what I have come to expect from movies; especially those set in the world of IT. While I feel the cast, as a whole, delivers solid performances, Lauren Lakis’ portrayal of programmer Devon is arguably the strongest of the bunch.

She brings a level of personality and realism to a character who might have easily fallen victim to the film’s often underwhelming and unnatural-feeling dialogue.

I read your profile and I'm interested in getting to know you more. Note that distance is not a problem as I am ready to relocate for the right one, neither is age a problem as the main important thing right now is finding the right one" — Ready2Move In"I'm a classic romantic and know how to treat a woman right.

Outside of the more technical aspects of the film, the underlying story is perhaps not as polished and clear as would be ideal.One of The Bloodlust's OGs, Jamie has heard, "I can't believe you can watch that stuff" for most of her life.Though willing to give any movie a try, those involving time travel, home invasions, or cults tend to be her favs.He also employs the use of text message bubbles to show conversations taking place between characters.

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I personally love the use of on-screen text bubbles in movies and think their employment in the film was one of the smartest decisions made.Don’t get me wrong, the idea of technology causing seriously negative psychological effects on the human brain is one that I’m particularly fond of.

'People who exercise self-control in this area and make a point of steering clear of pornography and sexual imagery in all its forms are not the repressive killjoys they are often taken to be,' he added.… continue reading »

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