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An expedition which would have cost any European power millions, was carried out by the Abyssinians almost free, if you don’t count several hundred men killed and several thou sands cartridges shot ([1898], 2000: 381). Bulatovich, the Menelik punishments against Oromo even peace time. Hodson, A., 1927, Seven Years in Southern Abyssinia, London: T.

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Bulatovich referred to the one-sidedness of the killing he had witnessed. Prouty, C., 1986, Empress Taytu and Menelik II: Ethiopia 1883-1910, Trenton, NJ: The Red Sea Press. Zewde, Bahru, 1991, A History of Modern Ethiopia 1855-1974, London: James Currey.The sources suggest that more than 90 percent of the Maji or Dizi, about 80 percent of the Gimira, between third thirds and three quarter of the Kaficho and about half of the Oromo population had lost their lives as the consequence of the conquest and colonisation The small kingdom of Walaita also lost a large proportion of its inhabitants.