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22-Nov-2017 01:51

Hence, the authors suggested that the occurrence of opioid toxicity in infants might be associated with the maternal dose of codeine.

Additionally, 12 of the 17 mothers with symptomatic infants reported symptoms of CNS depression in themselves, suggesting a high concordance of CNS depression.

This reminder follows a report received by the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) concerning a three-year-old child who was given chlorphenamine for a lower respiratory tract infection and experienced a serious neurological disorder.

Fortunately, the child eventually recovered without any on-going ill-effects.

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Mothers who reported infant sedation used a significantly higher number of CNS depressants than mothers who reported no adverse outcomes in their infants did (mean [SD] = 3.5 [0.71] vs 1.7 [0.9]; The authors concluded that the use of BZDs was compatible with breastfeeding and the risk of adverse effects in both mother and infant could be reduced by limiting the number of CNS depressants used by the mother.No gene polymorphisms were associated with infant sedation, but ABCB1 2677GT/A was associated with an increased risk of maternal sedation.Additionally, compared with mothers with asymptomatic infants, mothers with infants showing CNS depression used oxycodone for a significantly longer period ( Mothers were provided with a copy of the guidelines when prescribed codeine for postpartum pain.Mothers using sedating drugs should monitor their breastfed infants for signs of CNS depression (eg, drowsiness; difficulty breathing, feeding, or latching; or cyanosis), paradoxical effects (eg, unusual excitement, irritability), or inadequate weight gain.

Thirty percent of Motherisk's consultations deal with the safety of drugs during breastfeeding.This was supported by a recent Motherisk follow-up study, which compared the rates of adverse events in breastfed infants of mothers who used oxycodone, codeine, and acetaminophen for postpartum pain.

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