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30-Dec-2017 03:58

A building plan was initiated in 1945 and completed in 1947.

The addition contained 150,000 square feet for decoration and a 60,000 square foot building with a 200′ tunnel kiln was built for a new refractories division.

Later this led to a minority stockholder suit, which occupied the officers and directors for a ten-year period.

In the 1939-49 period Shenango had grown by ten times, but the company was in dire financial straits due to a number of circumstances one being the expensive expansion program had been made without long term financing.

In addition, during the war CIO-USWA won the right to represent the workers.

With the end of the World War II, it became apparent that a balanced expansion would have to be achieved.

In 1939 Louis L Helleman, a former American representative for Rosenthal China of Germany came to Shenango and arranged to have their shapes and patterns made at Shenango. Smith invested ,000 of Shenango’s money in this company.

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The Mayer operation was moved to the Shenango plant.

For the first time Shenango had a kiln that would fire glost ware as fast as one hour and ten minutes. The Minority stockholders suit was finally settled in 1958.

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