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13-Jan-2018 12:15

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dating orrefors crystal

Just before the card update form, you could display the current default card for the customer by using the retrieve a customer API call to get that information from Stripe.If not already done, it is suggested to read this Introduction.Please note, that the password for the corresponding update site is NOT the one for your wiki account.In order to set your update site password, use the link at the bottom of the wiki or click here.The upload information depends on the protocol available for uploading: Example: Let's assume you have SFTP access to a machine known as the internet, and let's assume that you have a user account myself that has write access to the path /var/www/my-update-site/ on that machine that is served via Then the line you need to add might look like this: Just click OK and let the updater upload an empty file index (it is stored in the file gz which is also called the database in the documentation of the updater).It assumes that your plugins are correctly installed in your local Image J setup.See the Distribution page for a discussion of the benefits of update sites and how they fit in to plugin development.

The good news is that updating the customer’s payment source in Stripe is pretty straightforward.

It is also possible to create an update site for a group to which multiple users can upload.