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Young Sudanese, both Christians and Muslims, arrived in Finland under the government’s quota system between 20, some with their family or other relatives and some on their own.

Though many young Sudanese had not in fact lived in Sudan, in the early stages of resettlement many considered themselves Sudanese and had a strong sense of Sudanese identity.

The language of Finnish young people caused problems at school.

Until Sudanese young people understood that swearing and name-calling were a common way of communicating among young Finns, there had been hurt feelings and conflicts with them.

Finland has one of the highest levels of education in the world and learning starts at a very early age.

Many Sudanese children in Finland were doing well at kindergarten and primary school and some youth who had had a low level of education when they arrived in Finland were able to do well in a Finnish school.

The course was not designed particularly for young Sudanese but did give the youth, parents and relatives of young people a chance to discuss issues related to young people in Finland.

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And actually obtaining a place in school was problematic for those young people who had passed the age of compulsory education in Finland (the year a person becomes 17 years old) and yet who had studied for only a short period of time or had not studied at all.And one girl explained that after arriving in a small country town surrounded by forest, she had not slept at all for the first two nights as she was afraid bears would break into the house.At school in Finland Even though many parents knew very little about Finland when they were offered resettlement, they had accepted the placement for the sake of a better future for their children.Most teachers, community workers and officials had no or very little knowledge of Sudan, the Sudanese way of life and about the experiences Sudanese refugees had due to fleeing Sudan.

Culture and fashion Finnish young people are very aware of how they look.In addition, lack of awareness about how to study and the importance of homework and hard work caused problems at school.

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