Updating photo gallery on windows

05-Jul-2017 21:39

Yesterday we shared some leaked screenshots of Windows 10 build 10036 from Wzor and a video demo of some of the new features/changes in the build from Win Beta but now the ISO for this build has leaked onto the net.

For the sake of we have taken a deeper look into this build and wanted to share a few highlights from it.

When one of these properties is updated, but the others are not, the metadata within the file can get out of sync.

The photo property handler provides the default IProperty Store implementation for images, and is used by applications as well as by the Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Explorer to ensure that all the metadata in an image stays in sync, and that the properties displayed by applications are consistent with those displayed by the Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Explorer.

The following entries indicate to the Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Explorer that a file name extension (.ext) and its associated MIME type are associated with an image format.Of course this is pre-release software so there is no guarantee what we see here will be in future builds but still enjoy the sneak peak.