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21-Jan-2018 19:31

we had an agreement that she could have sex with others and our marriage has been "cuckold" type of marriage that works for us. My girlfriend Pamela (Pam) and I have been dating for 2 months and we are comfortably in the casual dating stage.My social life began to run into complications when Pam's best friend Jean, who thinks I am below her best friend.Well, it has been over two years since the (ex) g/f and I discussed a mutual interest which very shortly became a fact after the discussion.After being in the hotwife lifestyle and letting her have intimate friends on the side for many years, she expressed the desire of wanting...My bf loves hearing about me and what I do when I go out with Jason (the... Nobody really caught our eye as far as dating or even really going to bed with.So we spent that year working on our home improvements.She used to think it odd and a bit funny but also quite liked the freedom to flirt.Over the years I convinced her that having other men as friends was OK and that I was not at all jealous. Well as you know my wife and I have entered into a lifestyle of me letting her date and be with other men.

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Kathy had her first "official" date with Roger this past Friday and from what Jan told me, they had a wonderful time and to "help her apartment mate out", Jan spent Friday night and Saturday morning at her boyfriends apartment so Kathy and Roger would have some where other than a...Roger has played around out side of her ***** and has shot his ***** all over her vulva and used it for lube to make her ***. She is style and fashion savy and works out everyday.

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