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28-Jun-2017 21:57

Or official-looking emails asking for your password, or other personal information? Remember, constant vigilance is the price of free email.

Are you getting shady-looking emails that ask you to click on links?Mail from their senders or to recipients, of course). In day-to-day use, it is the details that make one love or loathe an email service, of course. Mail not only brings a sleek interface and drag-and-drop oomph but also keyboard shortcuts around its every corner and well-thought-out solutions to many a practical problem (such as addressing messages).It appears that you can – once again – update your Yahoo Local listing for free, without having to sign up for Yext Power Listings.This is interesting information that came about from a sales call from Yext.

My uncle received a sales call from Yext and he proceeded to berate them about the fact that they were ‘holding his business listings hostage’.Nyagoslav tells me that Yahoo requires phone-verification before your edits go live. Have you tried the free-fix on your Yahoo listing yet?