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Details of the principal data sources reviewed are given in Table 1.

The data were evaluated for quality and potential bias by examining the study designs and methods of data collection employed (including sample sizes and response and follow-up rates) and the appropriateness and consistency of methods of measurement used for individual indicators within and across studies.

However, trends in these data were distorted by bias associated with the introduction, scale-up and selection criteria of these programmes The possible contribution of selective international migration of HIV-positive individuals to changes in national levels of HIV prevalence was assessed using United Kingdom Health Protection Agency data on trends in Zimbabwe-born women tested at delivery at clinics in London (except south-west London) and the south-east and north-west regions of the UK between 20.

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The results were compared with estimates from sibling data.Feeney estimates that completeness increased from 57 and 40% in 1982 to 85 and 59% in 1995 for males and females, respectively.Data on trends in HIV prevalence were also extracted from routine records maintained by the Zimbabwe National Blood Transfusion Service (1992–2004), voluntary counselling and testing centres (2000–04) and the national prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV programme (2002–04). Some will say that it is our people's friendliness, the way we wrap each visitor in genuine hospitality and warmth...

Background Recent data from antenatal clinic (ANC) surveillance and general population surveys suggest substantial declines in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevalence in Zimbabwe.

and by 1990—the first year of antenatal clinic (ANC)-based surveillance—human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) prevalence exceeded 10%.